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All About Heart Attacks: From Symptoms to Aftercare

There are three common warning signals to be aware of when it comes to a heart attack. These symptoms occur in both women and men and can be the most likely to occur in order to tell you something is going wrong.

The first of these is shortness of breath, which can occur alone or with other symptoms. It can happen whether you’re resting or doing some physical activity.

The second is discomfort in the upper body. It can happen in various areas and random from severe pain to mild discomfort. You may feel this in your upper stomach, jaw, neck, back, shoulders, or one or both of your arms.

HealthBenefits ofOrangesDr. Shahab Mokhtare- Las Vegas Geriatric Care Expert

The last symptom is chest pain, typically located in the center or left of your chest. It typically is painful for a few minutes, is relieved, then comes back. The pain can be a fullness, squeezing, or pressure sensation. It may also remind you of heartburn or indigestion.

You should make a call to 911 if you have any concern that you may be experiencing a heart attack. Calling an ambulance ensures you are being watched and live-saving medication can be given as soon as it’s needed. You also reach the hospital much quicker.

Once you reach the hospital, a physician will diagnose you based on symptoms, family and personal medical history, as well as test results. The tests may include an EKG, angiography, and blood work. If it is determined you are suffering from a heart attack, medication or surgery may be required.

After returning home, you will have a lot of work to do. You’ll have new medication, a new diet, and perhaps even rehabilitation. The good news is that the doctors at Primary Medical Group can drop by and help you through the process. No offices, no public transportation, we’ll visit you at home to help. Find out more at


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